July 28, 2011

In the Closet.

Our master bedroom has an extra walk-in closet that is pretty useless right now because we need shelves, maybe some drawers and all it has is hanging space. I know what you're thinking—"That is an awesome "problem" to have and you're being a spoiled little bitch brat." I apologize.

Anyway, I'm giving a carpenter a jingle on the jangle to see if he can come by and give me the custom closet of my dreams. Now, don't get too excited—it's a small walk-in closet. As in: walk in, turn around, walk out.

Here are a few of the photos I plan on sending him so he can work off of them.

This one is pretty close to perfect—especially since it's about the same size as the extra closet. I love the full length mirror on the wall, and the combo of drawers, shelves, and counter space. Extra lighting never hurts either.

Liking the clean white shelves.

I like how they wrapped the closet around the space and didn't confine it to one wall of shelves.

This center portion of the shelving unit is awesome. 
Could probably wrap the top shelves around the space.

I wish the closet was this big—I guess I'll have to settle for the rug. 
And I'll probably get the knock off at IKEA.

This is a cute touch for all those necklaces that are currently knotted up 
in the drawers of my jewelry boxes. Naturally, this also needs to happen. 

Random thought: I heard Adele's song "Rolling in the Deep" (for the millionth time) this morning and I started wondering...what does that even mean? Rolling in the deep? Thoughts? 

Andrea xx

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  1. These closets make me want to cry. Out of happiness that somebody can have them. I hope that person is you. Also - rolling in the deep - she was probably high, no?