July 21, 2011

Bar Awesome.

I'm basically obsessed with the taco bar we hit last night for Girls' Night Out: BAR TACO.

Not sure if I'm digging the font, it feels beachy but could they have found something better—prob.

Is this not one of THE most gorgeous photographs ever? Uh, yea. 
If anyone knows the artist—I'm dying to know.

 Time for some margs with the ladies.

Loving the basket lampshades. They give the place such a laid back vibe.

The staff uniform is so fun: white jeans/pants and any blue/white/sometimes green plaid shirt.

Onto the main event...DIN DIN! The fish tacos are OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD. I heart cilantro. 

Churros and some chocolatey cakey gooey goodness in a some natural type of wrapper. 

Then the margaritas kicked in. 

Bar Taco is opening a second location in Stamford. I think the perfect third location would be where the Seagrape currently is in Fairfield. What? I can try can't I. 

Also, I can't get this song out of my head and I like it.

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