June 8, 2011

What I'm Working on Wednesday: Petite Soirée

I'm happy to introduce the complete Petite Soirée logo.

If you're familiar with the creator of Petite Soirée, Tara Masci, you'll recognize who this adorable little silhouette belongs to. Follow this link to 'like' Petite Soirée and their Mother Co., Soirée. (Even though you'll more likely LOVE them and their parties.)

It's really no surprise that pretty profiles have been trending recently since they have loads of personality whilst (yes, whilst) being simple and elegant. Here are some unique and thoughtful places I've seen them recently:

The traditional use of the silhouette looks so sophisticated and crisp. Love.

Drop some profiles on a wallpaper and it's more relaxed and fun. 
This would be so cute in a his/hers or a shared kids' bath.

 A special way to bring a TON of personality to a wedding cake.

Mary Poppins Aschmazingness for a kids birthday party.

Very sweet customized silhouette necklace and charms from Love & Victory.

These sweet tokens of love aren't just for kids either. You can have a personalized charm made of your sweetie, hubby, mother, brother, favorite blogger—you name it. Check out a couple recent custom orders over at Love & Victory's blog. I would tell you about them myself, but then I'd start to cry—they are amazing along with the stories behind them. Can't think of a better gift for Father's Day or that special kid going off to college in the fall.

Andrea xx

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