June 3, 2011

Something Smells Fishy. And I Love It.

It's no secret that I am not an animal lover—and that includes reptiles and fish. But I am going crazy over these fish prints. David, a fellow designer and friend of mine, turned me on to East End Fish Prints, from Montauk, NY and I think a pair of these might do the trick for visually enhancing the dining room or upstairs hallway. 

Fish printing sounds like an easy enough DIY, but it might be tricky to find a fish to print. And the only thing that appeals to me about fishing is getting some sun (and a beer) on a boat. So, I might as well leave it to the experts and support the husband and wife team of Jim Goldberg and Annie Sessler.

They tend to use water-based, non-toxic inks and paints because they also eat the fish they catch.

I think this crabby would be so cute in a little boy's room.

The squid is to die for, but don't get your hopes up (like I did). They're sold out.

I'm sure they'll ship one of these works to you if you're interested. But what better excuse to enjoy a long summery weekend in The Hamptons than to pick up your new print.  

I'm also coveting these GLORIOUS oil paintings by Samantha French. They are EVERYTHING I've ever wanted in a painting for a beach house. I am trying to convince McMuffin that I will happily accept just one of these paintings as a birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day and Christmas gift for the next year. 


I suddenly feel like taking a dip.

Andrea xx

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  1. Oooh, these are amazing. I love those reflections of the water!