June 24, 2011

Red Couches?

My friend Laura emailed me with a bit of a dilemma. She had purchased two red sofas for a sitting room in her new house and was totally regretting the purchase. This is what she had to say, "I hate them. I cry a little every time I look in [the sitting room]. I have a bay window in there as well as a wall with three windows. Can I somehow downplay the red?" I asked Laura if she could send me a picture so I could see what we were dealing with:

BAM! Those couches punched your eyes right in their face.

But it's not the couches' fault. They're really beautiful pieces they just need to be in an room with more color saturation so they feel more incorporated. I sent Laura the following pictures to show how red sofas can live happily ever after in a room just by adding more punches of color. 

I love the balance of the black lamp shades and black coffee table. And that gold mirror flanked by the gold framed picture wall—so elegant.

The mustard color walls and window treatments along with the hardwood floor and striped rug help to tone down the red sofa while still incorporating it into the space. The only thing I would add are more personal touches like a throw-blanket, family photos, coffee table books, etc.

This room is my favorite! I love the fun pillows and the aqua accents. That patterned ottoman! The green chair! THE FIDDLE LEAF FIG TREE!

Not really loving the pink window panels but still think this room is amazing the way it has a big ol' red velvet sofa in it and still manages to feel so light.

The black walls look so crisp with all the white wood wall accents and trim. This red couch looks totally N'Sync (Bye, Bye, Bye!) with the room. And I adore the funky ottoman with the more traditional Persian rug.

So, pretending that this couch is red and the pillows are chocolate brown. I think this is a pretty solid plan of what Laura should do to make the red sofas feel 'at home'. 

Repeat after me: Don't be scared of color. Color is your friend. 

Have a happy weekend.

Andrea xx

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