June 13, 2011

Monday Randomness.

I wanted to give you a little update on the Spring spruce-up I mentioned in an earlier post. Turns out the lettuces I wanted to plant in the flower box need full-sun and this is a mostly shady spot. So, we popped some purple impatiens, and limey green sweet potato in the black flower box.

You can really get a sense of the one dimensional feel the house has after the previous owner painted the entire house boring beige. Waaaa. (I'm second guessing my previous color choices of black/white and lime and now I'm thinking green/gray trim and blue door?)

We decided to hold of on painting and sod the entire backyard instead—which looked like it had died last fall of some sort of fungus. It now looks amazing—Gregg and my Dad worked their butts off. 

Boston lettuce from our garden!

The weekend weather squashed our beach plans but we decided to pop by anyway to go on the swings and find seashells. 

Li'l G finds a buoy on the beach and wants to take it home. Yea, no.

Everybody on the swings

G$ hanging with Aunt Lo and Aunt Renee

Aunt Renee with the baby.

And just to make you super jealous—they brought us a couple packages of Zweigle's Red Hots from the ROC. You can pretty much guess what we'll be having for dinner all week.

Andrea xx

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  1. We always bring a bunch of packs of Zweigles home from the Roch for our friends - till we discovered they sell them at the Harris Teeter here! (our supermarket) Guess there were enough northerners flocking to the NC who were requesting them.