June 9, 2011

Beat that Beat.

Yesterday, on the way to 'school' (nice way of saying daycare) we stopped at Dunkin Donuts to grab some Munchkins for the munchkins in Li'l G's new 3's class. We were trying out a new kid's radio station on Sirius Radio when the Crazy Frog song came on. I looked back and saw G$ beating the beat. I am so happy he didn't stop so I could record it.

In case it's hard to hear, he first says, "Mommy do."
And then, "It's a long song."

As a girl who took dance classes (shout out to NY Academy of Dance and Miss Jodi) from the time I was three years old—this made me happier than you'll know. My little boy has rhythm (sort of)! And actually likes to dance (unlike his Father). EEeeeeee! Joy.

Andrea xx

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