May 5, 2011

Ladies Night: Jewelry Party

I had a wonderful time at my friend, Maureen's, place for a Stella and Dot jewelry party. I was really surprised with all the cute stuff. Here are some of my favorites:

These leather wrap bracelets can go with anything. 

This faux wood necklace can go dressy or casual.

I feel like gem stones in general have a fall/winter feel, but this one is so summery.

And for Li'l G's girlfriend, they even had a girl's line of necklaces, bracelets and charms. So cute.

But the highlight of my night was quite possibly when Maureen—after a couple strong Skinny Girl Margaritas—knocked a bottle of Pinot Noir onto the floor. Red wine spotted one of her guest's white top and the rest poured out onto Maureen's light blue area rug. 

As if it was heaven-sent, a tube of Shout Advanced just appeared out of no where—I swear—and literally cleaned up the scene. I could not believe: a.) How quickly it got the red wine stains out of the carpet and shirt and b.) That I have never heard of it before. (Does that make me a bad Mom?)

Well, I ordered it last night on Might be the best gift I could have bought for myself for Mother's Day. 

Andrea xx

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