May 3, 2011

Earth Angel.

The Baby's Christening was this past weekend. Everything was so lovely from the weather to the ceremony, spending time with all our guests, right down to the cake. (mmmm, dacquoise.)

A couple weeks ago I decided to take my friend's advice and have a little photo shoot with the baby all dressed up in his Baptismal gown (the same gown my grandmother made for my sister and I) to save some time on the actual day of the Christening. I took a bunch of shots and then there was this...success!

But when it came time to capturing all those Kodak moments on the actual day we turned to Sophie Mathewson, photographer extraordinaire. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

For the record, he did NOT like getting in this gown but I went for tradition over the white pageant suit. 

YAY! We finally have a family shot!

This is the exquisite dacquoise cake that I have been dreaming about for the past 5 years where I first tasted it at our babysitter's Bat Mitzvah.

This is some good cropping—you can't see that McMuffin's super-human strength just broke the cake knife in half.

Check out more of our photos at Sophie's blog here

Andrea xx

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