May 20, 2011

Boston Baby.

We took the kids to Boston last weekend to:

a.) Visit my good friend who just had a beautiful and chubby baby boy

b.) Take Li'l G on the T-train (have I mentioned he's obsessed with trains?)

c.) Hit the swimming pool at the hotel

The visit was a huge success. We did everything we wanted to do except for ride the T, which we made up for by taking a couple cab rides that is equally exciting to G$, and we even had time for the Boston Children's Museum. Of course I forgot my camera and my iPhone died the first night. So I only have a couple of pictures.

Our friends live in the North End so they took us to a delicious Italian dinner followed by gelato.
They also introduced us to a bakery that is open 24 hours and has all my favorite Italian cookies. Yum.

The highlight, of course, was meeting the chubbiest and squishiest baby ever. Congratulations to the new parents!

Andrea xx

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