April 19, 2011

Wherefore Art Thou Cupcake?

Before we moved out of the city, I went to Two Little Red Hens daily. I was nursing at the time, so I thought it was really cool that I could eat a cupcake a day and still lose weight. Anyway, I could totally go for my usual— a Brooklyn Blackout cupcake with a gorgeously perfect latté.

I cannot even begin to tell you how delicious their cupcakes are, or any of their cookies, cakes and especially the turtle bar! Oh my gosh, the TURTLE BAR—Magnolia has NOTHING on this place.

 The hipster baristas are so nice!

This adorable Brooklyn Blackout cupcake is chocolate cake with chocolate pudding filling, and chocolate frosting= perfection. 

I think they should open a shop in Fairfield. Hint hint.

Andrea xx


  1. I woke up today thinking I might do something crazy like start a diet....then I saw your photos. So much for that!

  2. Of course the best cupcake in the house has the word "Brooklyn" in the title! :)

  3. Of course the best cupcake not the menu has the word Brooklyn in the title :)