April 13, 2011

What I'm Working on Wednesday: Wedding Invite

I'm in the early phases of designing an invitation for a destination wedding. And since we're just getting started I like to pull together a vision board of what the wedding will look like so I can translate that into the actual invite.

Here's what I know:
• The event will take place at a yacht club at dusk
• Plum accents at cocktail hour
• Crisp white linens, candle light and white flowers at reception
• Plum floor-length gowns for bridesmaids
• Wedding gown—it's a secret

This is what I'm envisioning:

I LOVE Mandy Moore in this plum gown! She looks so amazing. 
And the red tones in this bouquet with the fresh greenery is so rich with color I could take a bite out of it.

Of course, I'll follow this post up with the final invitation in the weeks to come.

Andrea xx