April 7, 2011

Type Master: Patti Manzone

The Journal for Advertising Research is celebrating their 50th Anniversary and who, you might ask, designed the beautiful commemorative cover? My good friend, Patti Manzone over at my old stomping grounds, Altamira. Loving the colors and that font—GORG!

This got me thinking—I would love to have a regular post dedicated to featuring designers I respect in the industry. I couldn't think of a better designer to kick off this series with than Patti.

Patti always pushes the design envelope—back in the day, she worked at Simon & Schuster where she designed a book for Madonna! Later, she created packaging for Sony Music artists like John Mellencamp and Luther Vandross and even has a couple platinum albums hanging in her office from these projects. Patti has owned two successful businesses and is currently at Altamira loving her involvement with branding and communications. Girl's got it going on. Let's learn even more about her:

If you could only use three fonts, what would they be?
This is difficult. It's like choosing your favorite child. But I'll dive in. A wonderfully crafted serif font: Mrs. Eaves, a beautifully proportioned sans serif: Neutra Font and a near perfect script: Bickham Script.


How did you decide to become a designer?
In my freshman year at The Cooper Union. We were all admitted as fine artists, but I didn't take that well to arc welding or painting, so I ended up majoring in graphic design.

Take-ones for Appleton Estate

Who are your biggest influences?
My favorite teacher at Cooper was Dale Harris, my art history professor whose knowledge AND curiosity was just limitless. He was brilliant. He died much too young, but he was so well respected and just a master of words. I am inspired by the photography of ManRay, the painting of Jean Michel Basquiat and everything Ferdinand Botero- any Spanish painter for that matter ex; Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo. I am in awe of the innovation of sculptors Claes Oldenburg and Alexander Calder. I can get weak when I see anything Warhol or Haring.

Sake Labels for Dinosaur Road

What is your favorite color combo? 
PMS Cool Gray 10c + PMS 116 Yellow + Black + White
PMS 398  + PMS 2685

What design project are you most proud of?
Currently, the three books I have designed on the people and culture of Afghanistan.

Where was the last place you saw design that knocked your socks off? 
The set design for the 1998 film Zorro, his house and underground lair specifically. 

What are you working on now?
The third book: “Afghan and American Women United" Telling the Stories of Transforming Lives Halfway Around the World'. And also, advertising for our client AmeriHealth. The pieces are big, bold, visible and exciting. A consistent marketing program where everything syncs never fails to thrill me.

Thanks Patti! I should also mention that Patti's favorite movie is Jackass. Her Husband is an incredible chef and she has three beautiful and bright children—two of whom babysit my little bambinos.

Speaking of which Cash says "Buon Giorno!" (I'm teaching him Italian.)

Andrea xx

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