April 21, 2011

Li'l G my Klee!

Not sure how many of you send your kids to daycare or even have babies for that matter. But you would not believe the amount of art projects these little ones come home with—I could literally wallpaper our entire house. I feel bad throwing any of them out but what am I supposed to do with them all?

Well, I saw this cute idea and thought it would be an awesome piece of art for the boys' playroom. All I have to do is scan my little Picasso's pieces, lay them out grid-style, print it, frame it and BAM! Art for all to enjoy...instead of sitting in the box I've been saving them in.

These are a couple of G$'s masterpieces:

On a side note: When I was pregnant with Li'l G I really REALLY wanted to name him Cash. But my husband wouldn't let me. Is it really that bad? (Aaaand I also wanted to spell it Ca$h... I thought of that before Miss Ke$ha came along, so she copied me.)

Andrea xx

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