March 24, 2011

Mom Bod.

I'm only a couple pounds away from my pre-baby weight, so I decided that for every pound I lose I will treat myself to a new piece of clothing (that fits). Yesterday, I tee'd up just the right piece to treat myself to should I hit my goal on weigh-day—a gorgeous linen tuxedo jacket from EmersonMade that would be perfect for spring.

This morning I stepped on the scale and rejoiced in losing another pound, but when I went to purchase the jacket—SOLD OUT!

Shut. Up. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. 

Then I thought about it. A cream, linen, tuxedo jacket? Was I forgetting that I have two adorable yet sloppy little boys? It was definitely a sign that I should pick another 'trophy'. 

As I was browsing I discovered that the Mod dress I had my eye on a few weeks ago was back in stock. Sold! Mod Dress, meet Andrea. You two will be very happy together this spring and summer. (And black will hide all sorts of spit up, throw up, boogers, pasta sauce, you name it.)

This is the jacket that wasn't to be. *sigh

 This little number WILL be mine! I do not care that it's linen. It is perfection. 
Now it just needs to be in stock. 

 This is a cutie too, I love this whole look. How adorable is the model? That's Emerson! She designs the clothes and models them...and her adoring hubby takes all the photos. Talk about Dyanamic Duo.

Can not wait for my dress to get here. Now, we just need some warm weather so I can actually wear it.

Andrea xx

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