March 29, 2011

Good Morning!

When it comes to morning news, people are pretty passionate about where they get it and who gives it to them. My mom loves ABC's Good Morning America—although a little less now that George Stephanopoulos has replaced Chris Cuomo—Mom crush. But recently, I've felt like something is missing. I love a Concert Series and Summer Makeover as much as the next girl but I gotta get my news somewhere! That's where my new favorite show comes in: Morning Joe brewed by Starbucks.

First of all, the sponsorship of Starbucks is brilliant. The product placement goes a little overboard, I mean, do they really need bags of coffee beans on the news desk? But I love that everyone has their own Starbucks cup whether it's iced, hot, venti, tall, it gives you a sense of what the person likes to drink—more so than the ubiquitous logo branded coffee mug that probably doesn't even have coffee in it.

Then there's the super smart team of Joe, Willie and Mika (Please God, let me look like her when I'm her age.) They really take time to delve into the news so the audience can learn something. It isn't just a line up of headlines—I actually learn something watching them!

And on top of all this, the design is incredible. From the set, to the gorgeous photography that leads you in and out of each segment, the music playlists, the LOGO—it is all so perfect. Check it out on MSNBC!

 Andrea xx

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