March 24, 2011

Booties for My Cuties

Warmer weather is just around the corner. I mean, it has to be. Right? And in anticipation of 70+ degree weather I've been on the hunt for some new shoes for the little guys.

Crocs are sooooo 2009, but I loved how easy they were to get on my then-1 year old son. (He'd be happier to be barefoot, so Crocs were the next best thing.) Anyway, today I checked into one of my favorite blogs, and Sheridan French of The Southern Eclectic found a pair of cute new shoes for her son that I'm totally stealing for Li'l G.

Here are a couple pics from last summer of Li'l G wearing his Crocs.

And here is the new gear for Summer '11 by Native:

Baby 2 (I need a code name for him...hmmm) shouldn't be close to walking, but some cute crib shoes couldn't hurt. Here are a few options I'm looking at:

From the GAP.

 From Ralph Lauren 
(where my lovely sister works aaaand gets a discount—Ka-Chow):

 These cuties from pediped.

 Or these tiny moccassins that are so delicious I could eat them—not sure McMuffin would allow his son to wear these. But I think they're F-A-B. From Freshly Picked:

Andrea xx

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